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My Word of the Year

January 27, 2018

Word of the Year

It seems like such a new concept. Having a word of the year that you focus on. How can one word, thought of ahead of time, be your complete focus.

I thought back to two years ago. When my in-laws were having health problems, and we were having issues with the house we were living in. It seemed like a lot was going on, and I was trying to be strong throughout it. I ended up buying a ring that has the word “strength” stenciled inside, and I’ve worn it ever since. I focused on that word quite a bit for almost one year trying to get through it all.

Then the next year, I was in a different situation. We had just purchased a house, and were working on setting it up and fixing it up. There were, well, “things” going on at work as well. Throughout it all I needed to learn to focus and de-stress. I picked up meditation and mindfulness. I spent many months trying to focus on the small things, learn to live in the moment, and give gratitude for what I do have. So I would have to say that last year my word was mindfulness. Maybe not the full calendar year, but I’d say a good portion of it.

So I’ve kind of had a focus word for the last couple of years. But those words presented themselves to me as the situation arose. Would I be able to come up with a word for the upcoming year that could represent what I’d like my energy to focus on? Could I be more proactive with my life, and not reactive.

My Thought Process

I spent quite a few days reading through other people’s word of the year. Reading their reasons and thoughts to see if any resonated with me. Some came close, but didn’t really feel like something I would want to focus on.

Then I had a few mishaps in the next couple of weeks. Ripped a pair of pants at work (right next to the back pocket – a good 6″ wide. Good thing I have a good sense of humor and a set of yoga clothes at work). Ripped a good sweater (at the seem, easy fix), and a Friday at work shirt (not at the seem, but under the arm, so I fixed it). Walking at work I broke a heel on a nice pair of work boots (still waiting to get those fixed). And I started thinking about fixing, and renewing instead of buying.

While all of this was going on, I had a page in my bujo for brainstorming. I wrote a lot of the words I heard, drew lines off those words with other similar words. At one point I did write “renew.” I started focusing a bit more on that word, and it did start to resonate with me.

My Choice for the Year

So my choice of a focus word for the year is “Renew.” I can focus on renewing my clothes (fix things that are ripped, frayed, or broken in some way). I can focus on renewing my energy and love of learning. I can focus on renewing my interactions with my husband and spending more time just being with him and our relationship. And I can focus on renewing my energy in my job.

Overall, I think it will be a good focus for me. Will it last one full year? Who knows! But I think it’s good to try, especially with a positive focus!

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