Container Gardening

February 7, 2018


There are many types of gardens. Flower garden, herb garden, vegetable garden. . .  You get the idea. For this post though, I’m going to be showing you my new container garden!

Why I Choose Containers

I’ve always wanted to have a vegetable garden. I’ve actually tried a couple of times. One time I did get a few vegetables, and the other time I forgot to water the plants for days at a time. I’m just not good about that. In the house we are in now, we have a small backyard, but room on the side for a small garden. Since it is a small area, my husband and I decided we would use large planting boxes to make it look nice, and be up off the ground. So when we had our backyard landscaped, we arranged to have this area set up on a drip system and timers.

Fast forward 18 months, as we still haven’t set up any drip system, or bought any planting boxes. I was just going to let it go another year, but my youngest daughter told me about self-watering containers. Small enough to move around, water it only once a week, and a small cost to set up a couple to try it. That all sounds good to me!

What We Did

We took two large plastic storage containers, some screen, rocks, and a pcv tube. My daughter found the instructions online, and we followed a couple of different ones from her phone. I don’t have them here to link, so I won’t put too many of the details.

But we put rocks in the bottom, a cut soda bottle in the middle, a screen over the rocks (and in the soda bottle), then filled it all with potting soil (down into the soda bottle as well – that’s our water wick). Oh, we also punched a hole in the container on the side right below the level of the rocks so the water can’t get too high. Now, at this point we realized we were supposed to put the tube in before we put in the soil. The tube should go almost to the bottom so you can fill water through it. So we dug the dirt and rocks aside, and put that tube on the side! All set.


We wanted to start simple, so we planted a jalapeno plant, a basil plant, spinach, and a tomato plant. We did this last weekend, and this morning there are two flowers on the tomato plant. I’m quite happy!

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