October 21, 2014

We had an office remodel over the summer. New paint, new furniture and a nice new kitchenette nearby! I took my coworkers advice since we are here more than 8 hours a day, and decided to make my area personal. Still professional, but personal. My first item I purchased (personally, not through the office), was a set of dragon bookends to go on my open shelf. I think it looks pretty cool!



After that, I decided a couple more smaller items would look nice as well. A little gargoyle to watch over my space.


And a pumpkin candle for the holidays (this area I’ll change out seasonally). It’s just a start, and I don’t want to go overboard, but I like it!


pumpkin candle-cropped

I also decided to get some cute pushpins instead of the ugly plastic ones (I didn’t take a picture of that), and this cute key ring holder.

key ring holder-cropped

The overall effect is that I smile each time I come over to my space. That is a good thing!



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