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March 19, 2017

I do a lot of posts on food, my crafts, and beer tasting. Even though I don’t post often, I sometimes feel like I’m posting the same thing over and over. I will continue with these types of posts, but I’m also going to branch out a bit. Post a bit more of the other areas of my life, and hopefully noting my personal growth and learning.

I love to learn, to explore, to pick up new skills. And I don’t know if it’s a good thing, or a bad thing, that I really do not have a direction that I feel I move towards. I started with crocheting when I was 8, then moved to knitting and sewing. That seems like a certain direction. Then beading sounded like a wonderful thing to do. I did a bit of that. Oh, then spinning caught my eye. I have a spinning wheel (and I’ve had it for at least seven years), but I’ve never really learned to use it. I want to though. But that all seems like the same direction.

Then I wanted to learn how to brew beer. Something new and interesting. And at the time, I wasn’t a beer drinker. I liked wine with my food. But I found that it was harder to make wine at home that you had any control over (at least for me). But beer, there are many different ways to change the taste of the beer. I tried all kinds. Now I really enjoy the new beers and the new breweries. And I’ve ¬†used that as an excuse for not brewing any more (there are at least a dozen breweries within easy driving distance of my home).

After that, I really wanted to learn programming. I’ve actually wanted to learn more programming since I graduated high school and used to play on my in-laws old TRS80 (I believe that’s what it was called). So I joined an online class, and finished a basic course. Then I bought a book to learn Python. I haven’t open the book yet. Because electronics looked really interesting, so my husband and I bought a book, a bunch of supplies, and finished two chapters before we needed new parts and just didn’t get back to it.

So I look back at my interests, and I do not see a progression. But what I do see is an interest to learn and grow. I don’t believe that the purpose of life is to get to “that” place. I think it’s all about the journey and the things we do along the way. To that end, I’m going to embrace my love of learning. My interest in all sorts of different things. My drive to build more skills. I know that some things will stick, like my knitting that I still have at least one project at a time going, and some of the cooking skills I’ve been learning. And I will post along the way what my new, or continued, interest is, and what I’ve learned or would like to learn. To that end, I have a few more posts to write!

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