Family Updates

May 25, 2016

Boy does time fly. My oldest granddaughter is turning 5 years old later this year and will be entering transitional kindergarten in the fall. So last week she had her “graduation” from pre-school. The little ceremony was really cute (and led by my oldest daughter, her Mother). The kids sang the ABC’s while signing the letters as well. Here is a picture of her getting her certificate. Isn’t she cute!


And time marches on for my husband and me as well. We’ve recently purchased a home, and have been going about making it our own. It’s more work than we’ve had to do in the last six years, but it’s such a good feeling to be doing this work. We’re trying to take it slowly. Do a little bit each week and be sure we have time to enjoy the house, our best buddy Zeus, and each other. In the evenings my husband likes to unwind watching television, and I join him with my knitting projects. Zeus joins us as well. His spot it on the edge of the couch between my husband and myself (I sit on the rocking chair next to the couch). He’s such a cute dog.



I feel very blessed for my family!

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