April 21, 2016

We had to go to Florida this month for a work conference. Normally I like traveling for work. I get to participate in an event that helps me with my job, and then I stay a day or two more and vacation with my husband. This time the timing was just not right, nor were the hotel prices! So, it was a long flight out, two days of work and a bit of fun, then a long flight back. At least we did have a great hotel room. Here is a picture from the back porch of the hotel.


The last night we decided to walk along the beach to a different restaurant for dinner. And of course, we got caught in a sudden thunderstorm. But it was warm out, so we ran the last .75 miles to the restaurant and then sat outside under the cover and watched the storm.



We stayed and relaxed at the restaurant, watching the storm well after dark. Once it was done and over with, we walked back to our hotel. A little wet, but we had a great time!20160414_194845

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