Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

November 25, 2015

Years ago I had a whim and decided to try brewing beer. I bought the equipment and my first batch of ingredients. . . and then showed my husband. He got on board and we brewed many batches of beer (created some good recipes as well). We haven’t been able to brew for a while, and we do plan on getting back to it. But at least there are a lot of good breweries around. But coffee?
Well, I thought I’d had really good coffee before, but the place we get our brewing supplies sells coffee bean roasting supplies. I saw an ad from them, starting looking into it, and decided I wanted to try. So, like the brewing supplies, I ordered the roasting supplies (necessary equipment and green beans) and showed my husband when it came in. Of course he was on board again, and so we tried roasting beans.
We read what we could find online and I got a book from the library. It doesn’t take long to do, but you pay attention to both the heat and the fan speed; the color of the beans as they roast; and the first crack (and sometimes the second crack of you’re doing a darker roast).


There are new terms we are learning (full city, first crack, etc.). You do the roast, clean out the roaster, and set the beans aside to degas. The next day they are ready to be ground (burr grinder, we now have a hand held one and an electric one) and properly stored (new coffee storing container). We made our first batch and yes, we could *definitely* tell the difference! And if we’re going through all of this trouble for good coffee, we have to brew it right. A little bit of research and we bought a Chemex brewer. It takes a little longer, but there is an art to it and I’m getting better! They say it’s an investment to start with but you’ll save money in the long run and have much better coffee. I’m not sure about saving money, but it is much better coffee and a lot of fun! I can’t wait to try a larger variety of beans . 😂

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