Hand Lettering

February 12, 2018

Why Hand Lettering?

I’ve been really enjoying using my bullet journal, for both organizational reasons, and creative reasons. I see such lovely, and useful layouts, and I would like to try that. I have stencils, gel pens, colored pencils, and washi tape. So my next logical step (at least logical to me!) is learning hand lettering.

How to Learn??

Since I’m trying to be really good about not spending extra money for a bit, I decided to look online. I had already purchased a pad of tracing paper, and various size brush pens, so then it was just finding a place to learn from.  I thought about an online class, and I reserved a couple of books from the library, but I wanted to start now and not wait for funds or the book! So, I figured I would find some inspirational web sites.

What I found

First, I downloaded practice sheets from the Tombow (from here). I started with those, and I actually do practice those *almost* every night.

As you can see, it’s not very good. But that’s okay, because this is my starting point! 🙂

But I also found a site that she teaches you from the beginning. Practicing shapes and slopes. She offers online classes (which I would love to take in a couple of months!), but she also offers a 90 day course that she emails to you seven days at a time. The site is called Two Easels, and she has a lot of resources and information. For this one, after three weeks I have practiced 20 out of the 21 days! That’s pretty good for me, since some days after work I’m almost too tired to do much of anything. But since I have a layout in my bujo for practicing, I don’t like to see blank boxes so I’m sticking with it pretty good. You can see on the sample below I’m practicing from Two Easels, and the Tombow lettering.

I’ve also started handwriting in a notebook every night as well. Most people can’t do something well without practice, and I’m one of those. And I like that I’m re-learning something I consider artistic.

So now I’m learning/practicing hand lettering, handwriting, and I’ll probably add calligraphy at some point because that is beautiful as well! If I do, I’ll post about it!

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