Upgrade Still In Progress!

July 4, 2016

I had hoped to have my website update complete by now, but as you can see it’s not quite there. But I’m making progress!

I’ve chosen a new template at least! But it takes time for my webmaster (my husband) to configure it to my site and help set it up. If I was paying for it, I would ask for a quicker timeline. . . but since he’s helping me out of the kindness of his heart, it will be done when he has some free time. And since I don’t want him taking away his evening time to relax, it will be a bit as it’s fit in here and there. But at least he’s fixed some of the smaller problems, like my main banner on the homepage. And my picture upload. As well as a few other things.

But the main new template still has to be configured and uploaded. So until then, at least I do have my small improvements and I’ll continue to post my projects, as well as other *hopefully* interesting items.

And to that, I have started a new knitted cardigan. This one is with some leftover green yarn I found in my stash. I’ll post more on that in another post. And I’m also working on some online classes. I started with an Excel class, which has already helped with my regular day time work. And now I’m in the middle of a nutrition class (very interesting, but harder than it sounds), and a couple of programming classes. I’m in a “couple” of programming classes because the first one I started as a basic one learning Scratch along with my husband. And that item I talked about before, having free time, well, there is not a lot and since it’s a class we’re taking it┬átogether we’ve only made it into the second unit (out of 8). So I started yet another programming class, or actually beginning CS class. Since my husband already does programming anyhow (and probably explains the lack of real interest in the Scratch class), I thought this would be a good class to start. I’ve almost finished the first week learning the very basics of Python and a little of Picobot. I’m not sure if that second one is really a language, or just an exercise they have to help explain programming a bit more, but I’ve programmed a simple “rock/paper/scissors” program, and programmed the Picobot to fill in a maze. Small steps, but I’m really proud of myself!

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