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Curry Chicken

April 26, 2016

Now that we have our own kitchen again, my husband and I are getting back to cooking more often than once a week!! I’ve made a few sweets (oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies and biscotti), and we’ve made a few awesome dinners. The one pictured below was supposed to be Thai chicken curry. But in restocking my kitchen, I picked up Thai pepper paste instead of Thai red curry paste. So, we had to improvise. And of course, since I’m just *slowly* restocking my kitchen, I didn’t have any curry spice as well. But, we used our heads (and the internet) and found some decent spices that would work – and did work! The meal turned out really good.


I forget the name of the drink in the picture, but my husband took a jar of sour cherries, added water and sugar and simmered it for an hour to make a sour cheery simple syrup. Then he made an old fashioned type of drink with it. It was wonderful!

On another happy note, we’ve been running 2-3 times a week with both of my girls and granddaughters. They get pushed in a double-wide running stroller – mostly by their Mom, but my other daughter helps out a little as well. Nana doesn’t – I have the dog on a leash! I’m sure we make a scene when running, and my oldest granddaughter loves to make commentaries as we go! But it’s been fun, and aren’t they cute!



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