Catch-Up Part IV – Running!

July 8, 2014

I’ve been pretty good about doing my weekly runs. I’d say 90% of the time I do my two mid-week 3 mile runs, and then my long run of 8 miles on the weekend. For a while we did not do any races, which was kind of a bummer. I think I got to the point that I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for the same old same old.

Last year my youngest daughter and I did a mud run. That was fun! We didn’t know what to expect so we did a later start time and dressed in old clothes. There was so much mud around by the time we finished we were sliding around at the after party and had a bit of trouble cleaning up. But it was fun, and we agreed to do it again this year, except to dress up as well! The race is in a few months, so we’re starting to think about the costume that we want to run in. No point in going half way, we’re going all out! The thought now is a fairy costume. Cheap colored short wig – found that! Cheap wings to tie on – found that! Tutus, well, those are a bit more for something that is going to get really dirty. But I found a site that shows how to easily make them, and I think we can make some awesome short ones for cheap! It’s just a matter now of getting my daughter’s opinion on it and making them! My guess is that I’ll have the stuff ordered by mid-July and made by mid-August. That’s in plenty of time! But for me, better early than late. And it will help me think about an awesome Halloween costume that I can wear to work as well!

Since that race, we also did the Tap and Run race. The beer they had there was just okay, but it was a fun group and we enjoyed doing that. I would do another one, but one that is sponsored by a local microbrewery!

We then did a zombie run. My daughter and her boyfriend did the race with us. They had to walk because her boyfriend was not feeling well, and my husband and I ran. Not for timing, but for dodging zombies! I was caught rather early (opened my big mouth and told my husband to run with a group past so they didn’t get us – I was singled out!), but my husband made it through with his zombie flags still on! It was not strenuous, but it was fun. And sponsored by Dale Brothers, so we had some good beer afterwards!

Zombie Run Selfie

For the future, weve decided to sign up for two races. The mud run that I already talked about, and a night time half marathon in Arizona. Yes, the registration for that has been purchased, and hotel reservations made! We took care of that on Friday, and on Saturday my husband hurt his knee. Okay, it was a little sore before that, but he was easing back into his running and was going to do 2.5 miles on Saturday, and just 1/4 of a mile into the run it really started hurting. So he has to go to the doctors now. I told him registration is non-refundable and if he goes in now he has enough time to heal it before the race. Hopefully he will go in like he said. Otherwise, he’ll be “jacket holder #2” with my daughter’s boyfriend!! Either which way, we’re going to that race. And of course I’ve already checked out my training schedule, and if I start in mid-September (around the time of the mud race), I can add a half mile to each week’s long run and be at 13 miles two weeks before the race. I’m not going to be as strict or upset about my timing this time since it’s for fun!!

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