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Tap N Run – February 2014

February 13, 2014

Last weekend my husband, youngest daughter and I did a beer run. No, we didn’t run to our local Total Wine (we did that a couple of weeks ago!). We did do an actual race though called the “Tap N Run” in Orange County.

Now, my husband and I run every week. My husband’s mileage depends on how he’s feeling each week (he has had some trouble with his shoulder. . . which has prevented some running. . . and then there was the vertigo. . .), and I’ve been fairly consistent running 14 miles a week (three miles twice during the week, eight miles on the weekend). So for us to look at just the 4k part of the race (approximately 2.5 miles), we were not worried about training. My daughter though, had not run for the last couple of months. But she’s young, still fairly fit, and I’m forgetting the most important part – there were two actually stops during the course for beer! At the start, we were all given a small cup of beer to drink when the starting timer went off, and then run to the next one, which we had to drink in the area of where we picked up the beer. Run a bit more, stop, drink, or in our case, take a picture!

Us during the middle of the race!

At the end of the course, there was a bit of a downhill length, cross the finish line, then a full glass of beer. Of course, being the end, having not run much, and a downhill included, I challenged my daughter to a sprint at the end! Silly me. We both ran all out, and even though she’s 2″ shorter than me and therefore a smaller stride, she beat me! I was close, but she still beat me. We had the people at the bottom of the hill holding out our medals carefully as we zoomed by and grabbed them!

At the end, there was a place to take pictures with your friends and family.

My daughter and I at the end.

And then there was a few different contests. Best mustache, best costume, best burp, and my favorite, the shortest shorts! My daughter took a picture with one of the groups, and the guy in the back in pink won that contest!

Of course, I wanted to take a picture as well, so the kid in front (hey, he’s younger than me so I can call him a kid!) was nice enough to pose with me as well!

And just so you don’t think we left my husband out (he wasn’t quite into posing as my daughter and I were), here is a picture the three of us took at the beginning.

My husband, daughter and I at the beginning.

Oh, I guess I did post a picture with my husband in the middle! Oh well, this was a nice picture as well.

The only bummer about the whole thing was the beer. I have to say, I’m a beer snob. I won’t say the same for the others (but I bet they would call themselves one as well). Let’s just say that the beer they handed out I have not had since I turned 21 and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. . .and then it took 15 years and my uncle to introduce me to good beer before I would drink any kind of beer again! So, would I do this race again in the future? Only if they stated clearly that they would be serving good beer. If they do, then I’m there for another run through the track! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to possibly running a zombie race in a couple of months, and the mud run later this year. Except this time my daughter and I want to do full out costumes!

And I forgot to mention our team name. We were “Hopped to Run.” Of course, after I signed us up and my daughter and I agreed that was the best name we could think of, my husband came up with:

“The Young and the Rest of Us”, or “Bodyglide, Blisters and Bengay”, or “Run So Far-ians” or “Find Your Hoppy Place”, or “Menace to Sobriety”, or “Holy Hopamolies”, or “Have You Seen My Beer?”

I should have consulted him before I signed us up. But if I had done that, he would have said he didn’t want to run this race! 🙂

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