Dresses and Granddaughters

September 15, 2016

In the last sewing post that I wrote, I talked about my oldest granddaughter’s dress. I’ve been doing so many different projects, that it took me a while to get back to the sewing machine and work on my youngest granddaughter’s dress. But I finally did!

I finished sewing it a few days before I gave it to her, then forgot about the closure in the back. The next time I saw them, I brought the dress, thread, needle and closures and sewed them on before I gave it to her! Overall though, I think it turned out cute. I just hope it fits her.

And since this is such a short post, and so close to that granddaughter’s first birthday, I’m just going to add a picture of her, and her sister, from her party!

Pipers 1st birthday - Piper smile

Pipers 1st birthday - Payten smile

Aren’t they both just too cute 🙂


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