Easter Dress

April 1, 2012

I can’t believe Easter is next weekend! I picked out a cute little dress pattern for my Granddaughter Payten last month and then put it aside because, “I have a lot of time to do that before Easter comes around.” I realized early last week that I really didn’t have a lot of time any more and took my daughter with me to the yardage store to pick out the material. I don’t mind picking and making other dresses for Payten, but I think that if it’s a special occasion/holiday, then her Mother should have some say in what she wears!

So, off to the store for the two of us one evening. I was tired (hard week at work), and she was as well (new Mom, enough said!). So, it wasn’t the best of trips down there. We couldn’t find the Easter material and my daughter doesn’t like pastels or bright pinks. But, we finally settled on a little pink polka dot material with matching pink for the underskirt. Bought the lace for the skirt, and then realized that is yet a third layer on the dress with more lace. Too much for my daughter. So she asked me to skip that one part. No big deal I thought. But after reading the pattern – McCall’s 6268 – I realized the lining with the extra lace was used to finish off the bottom of the armhole. So I had to get a bit creative and I ended up using single fold bias tape. I’m not the happiest with the way it looks inside, but it worked. I want to find something that is smaller, or maybe fold it once and iron it before doing the top stitching. Anyhow, I think the dress turned out wonderful!!

Payten's Easter Dress

Payten's Easter Dress - 2012

The little flower on the front is a cute touch! And for the back, I did my first button holes since getting back to sewing.

Payten's Easter Dress - the back buttons

The Back of Payten's Easter Dress

I’m posting this right after I finished the dress, so I haven’t had a chance to try it on her and take a picture. But just because I think she’s such a cutie, here is a picture of here in another dress I made for her for St. Patrick’s Day.

Payten in her shamrock dress

Payten in her Shamrock Dress - March 2012

This is what I learned making this dress:

  • How to alter a pattern to leave off some of the lining and still finish the open areas
  • Adding lace to the bottom of a layer before hemming

That’s pretty much it for this dress. Except for the changes over all I think it was an easy pattern to follow. Next us is an Easter skirt for myself. I would be sewing it right now, but I bought 44″ lining fabric that shrunk just a little, so there was not enough to do that part of the skirt. Instead of tossing the whole project, I drove down to the yardage store this morning and bought extra amounts of material (in a bit of a nicer fabric as well), and that is currently in the dryer as I’m posting. So maybe I’ll have a mid-week post (if the changes I am making to this pattern work like I am hoping)!

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