Sewing Again!

May 20, 2016

Now that I have the room, and have started to organize it, I feel inspired to start sewing again. I purchased a pattern for my youngest granddaughter (since I’ve made quite a few things for her older sister), and a couple for myself as well. And of course, I bought enough material to make two dresses for my granddaughter, and just one for myself! But that will last a while since I usually only sew when I have blocks of time on the weekends.

A few weeks ago, I had a little bit of time, so I laid out the pattern on the material and cut it all out. As you can see in the picture below, I have a small table to layout material (I’d love to buy one of those larger ones again), and on it is the picture I plan to hang on the wall before. I’ve only organized the room, I haven’t completely finished setting it up!


Then the next weekend I had a decent block of time to sew. And I’m getting better about taking pictures along the way. Below is a picture of the dress in progress. The material is not the fanciest, but it’s cute.


The pattern called for a zipper in the back, but when I got to that point I realized I forgot to buy one. So instead of putting the dress aside, I decided to change the pattern a bit and use Velcro closures in the back. I think that will work okay for this little dress.

Below I have a picture of it almost done. I was laying out the flower and trying to figure out what beads I wanted to use to tack those down.


And yes, I finished the dress!! But was so excited I gave it to my granddaughter before I got that final picture. My daughter promised though to take a picture of her in it when it warms up. Until then, below is a picture of the granddaughter I made it for (along with my daughter). Isn’t she a cutie! Actually, both of them are. I’m a lucky Mom/Nana.



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