Spring Skirt 2012

April 9, 2012

As Easter was quickly approaching (at least it felt that way), I decided that I really wanted to make a Spring skirt to wear. I decided to try something a little new this time, and I made two different skirts from the same pattern (Simplicity 4236), and sew them together.

Maybe I should go back a step. I was at the fabric store and found a really pretty sheer fabric that I wanted to make a skirt from. But the fabric is fairly see-through and I don’t have any dark slips. Not to mention that I just don’t think it would look right with a slip. I didn’t want to line it at the same width as the sheer fabric either. So I decided to take a pattern, make the lining out of the slimmer skirt and the top flowing part out of the sheer. Then I would do the waistband together.

Spring Skirt waistband

Spring Skirt Waistband

The skirts did not quite match up, so I had to take a couple of tucks in the back of the top layer. I did those in the same spot as the under skirt. After that the waistband went on just fine. My next problem was the side zipper. I didn’t want to put the two materials together since the top one flows out from my hips, while the bottom one doesn’t. I ended up adding a zipper to the bottom one, and then hook and eyes to the top one.

Spring Skirt Zipper

Spring Skirt Zipper

Overall, I think the skirt turned out fairly well!

Spring 2012 Skirt

First skirt for Spring 2012

I am still learning how to alter patterns a bit, so I ended up with this one being just a bit too big. It helped to have my shirt over the waist, but I think I will take a little piece of elastic and sew it to the back of the skirt like my husband suggested (thanks Jim!).

I am still taking the class “Sew Retro: The Starlet Suit Jacket” from, but I’m only as far as cutting out the pattern pieces. I was ready to start step 3, bound button holes, but I ordered polyester organza, and not silk organza (not realizing there is a big difference). Since the local fabric store does not carry any silk organza, I had to order some. So while I’m waiting for that to come in, I decided to start a new retro Spring dress. Butterick 5603. Here is a picture of the pattern with the material I am going to use.

Butterick 5603 and Material

Butterick 5603 and Material

It’s tightly fitted around the upper waist, so I did make a muslin of it over the weekend. I hope to cut the material some time this week. I’m really nervous about making this pattern because of the fitting, but I really would like to sew this so I am going to try. And this time I plan to take pictures as I am working on it, and not just at the end!

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