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Arm Warmers!

March 3, 2013

I finished them! Yes, I finished the arm warmers for my youngest daughter. I made up the pattern as I went along, and while I was knitting it I made little notations on how many rows to rib, to pattern, where to place the thumb and all of that. It made sense while I was doing it, but I can tell looking back just a bit later that I might not be able to figure out what I did without doing another one. So I think I had better sit down and type it up so I have at least an idea of what I did if I want to do that again! In the meantime, I started one larger arm warmer for my friend who recently broke her elbow. It’s snowing where she lives, so I’m making just one to cover up the cast. Since it is over a rather large cast, I’ve chosen a larger yarn and size 11 needles to make it, and instead of doing a pattern I’m letting the lovely yarn just be. I don’t have it with me now, but I’ll note the yarn and take pictures to put up when I’ve finished it. Speaking of pictures of finished objects, here is my daughter wearing her arm warmers!

Heather with her new arm wamers.

This picture is a bit blurry, but it’s cute so I wanted to put it online. Here is a closer picture that shows the details of the arm warmers.

Finished Arm Warmers

Now to finish the other arm (cast) warmer (once I pick up an extra skein of yarn tomorrow) and then some more sewing. I made some progress on my dress last week and I hope to finish it this weekend!

This week I only have one manicure to post a picture of here.

My gray polka dot manicure!

A bit closer on the polka dots

It’s my first time trying polka dots, but the second using that tool. My first try was a flower on my big toe. It turned out not looking like a flower at all. But I decided to try again on my nails, and think this manicure turned out really nice! Looking ahead, I already have the ┬ámartini stamp a purple polish for my birthday, but I’m not sure which glitter I will top it with. I bought one that I thought would work (for a bit less $ than the one I really wanted), but I’m not sure it is quite what I want. But I’ll play around a bit before that! I’m finding that sometimes it’s more user error than the polish not being what I want! Oh, speaking of polish being what I want, in playing around last night with some of the newer ones I bought (I couldn’t wait to use them all in a manicure, so I played a lot last night), and I found that a few of the new ones I bought will be wonderful for the Spring, but I’m not quite felling the spring colors just yet. But two of them are definitely winter colors and I am so happy with them. One I bought for $.75 at Rite Aid. It’s Jesse’s Girl Riff Raff. It’s a really pretty brown with a lot of little glittery shine. The other one is one of the new ones from Hard Candy called Crush on Tin. I’m thinking about doing my nails a moss green and using the Hard Candy for a stamp on top and then an accent nail, since I think the color may be a bit too intense to wear on it’s own at work for a week. But we’ll see how I’m feeling when I sit down tonight and start playing again!

And here is a picture of my daughter and granddaughter playing when we took them to dinner Monday night. She has a lot of energy (the littlest one), but she sure is a good girl! Not to say that my daughter isn’t a good girl as well – but she’s a good woman ­čÖé

Daughter and Granddaughter playing at dinner


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