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July 17, 2014

Now that I’m caught up on my posts, it’s time for some new items.

First, I have been working on setting up my sewing/art room. I have a desk set up with my sewing machine (you can see in the picture below) and serger (just to the right of it in the cubby), curtains that help with the direct sunlight (which I keep open when it’s not too hot out), and a neat picture of an old time dress form. Below that is a bright purple (I know, it doesn’t look bright in the picture!) ottoman with storage. What you can’t see at this point are my two plastic dresser type storage bins, my ironing board and the table I’m using for beading. But I have some more items to purchase and put up, so I’ll take pictures of those when I have it complete!

I’ve already completed a couple of projects in there now since it’s been updated. First, I bought some tulle to try and make a tutu for the run.

Just three basic colors to test with. I then used a thicker ribbon, and sewed on a band of elastic. I tied strips of two of the colors on that, and a pink ribbon every now and then. Here’s the outcome of that.

My daughter looked at it, and has some updates/suggestions/changes to it. We have a few months, so we’ll be trying her ideas in a couple of weeks.

I also bought a bunch of new beads (darned those sales!).

I have quite a few idea for the items. First, I made a wrapped bracelet.

It was fairly simple, so then I decided to use that technique to make my work lanyard look a little nicer!

I’m really pleased how that turned out!

My next project is to take some of the beads and try to crochet a bracelet with them. It looks simple enough once it’s started, but the starting point looks like it will take a bit of time. I’ll take pictures as I go along!


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