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Birthday Bash!

March 14, 2013

My birthday was earlier this week. I won’t talk about how old I am, I’ll just focus on the fact that it has been another wonderful year and I’m feeling happy, healthy and good (for the most part)!

A couple of days before my birthday, I made my trek to my mailbox (around the corner) to see about some little packages I had ordered from Amazon (and some indie nail polish). . . and to my surprise there was a large box from my good friend who recently moved away. I was quite excited, but I waited until I was relaxed and settled and then I opened my box. What a great birthday gift! She hit two of my favorite things, knitting and drinking! First, the knitting items.

Knitting Gifts!

Two knitting magazines, and one of them she gave me a yearly subscription of. I love it! We used to sit and have coffee and go over these magazines. Now that she gave me a subscription, we’ll still be able to go over them together – just over email or texts. Not as good as in person, but what a nice, thoughtful gift. And the needles, my they are beautiful. Take a look at a closeup shot.

Beautiful Knitting Needles

I just love knitting with beautiful yarn and needles. It feels decadent! Besides the size 8 I am showing here, there is a package of size 4 double pointed knitting needles for socks and hats.

The next part of the package goes with the relaxation theme. Whiskey! (and vodka).

Whiskey (and vodka)!

Of course my husband, being the sweet man that he is, took one of the smaller ones and mixed me a drink. Isn’t it pretty?!

Peach Whiskey Drink

It tasted quite good as well. I’ll be using the others in the upcoming weeks.

And not to forget the local brewery shirt she gave me.

Pagosa Springs Brew Shirt

I have a couple of upcoming beer festivals that I am going to this summer. Of course I’ll be wearing it before then though!

I also did a special birthday manicure. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite drink is a martini. I saw a wonderful martini nail stamp on the Life in Color blog. I emailed her and asked where she bought it. She told me, asked me some questions, then told me to watch out on the 14th. I read her updates all of the time, but I noted this one on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget today. And, she did a really pretty manicure post and listed a lemon drop martini (my favorite) recipe. And she said happy birthday to me, which I think was really sweet. Small things like that really make my day 🙂

Martini Birthday Manicure

Close up of the martini stamp

I used 3 coats Zoya Julie – I had a bit of trouble with this. I should have tried it before my birthday, but I didn’t think about needing a test. I then stamped on my ring finger using the GA9 plate and Sally Hansen Insta-dry Grape Going! I tried using the Wet & Wild Fergie purple first, but it was too light. I should have known from the gradient I did a few weeks ago that it would do that. Oh well. I also put D&R Apothecary Wonderland on the very tips. I wanted a lot of glitter, so I dabbled it on. I was going to do that on every nail, but my husband said something a couple of days before about how he thought it would look nicer if I just did an accent nail (see, he does listen when I go on about some of this stuff!). I’m glad he said that because I really liked the look of this manicure. Oh, and I ended up having to put on 2 top coats. But overall I was really pleased. And I was surprised at how long it lasted. I played around a few days later and added some glitter.

Glitter added after four days!

I didn’t do any more than that though since I planned to take it off the next night to do the first of my St. Patrick’s Day manicures. I wanted to add a different glitter to each nail to just play around, but I didn’t think that would go over too well at work. As it is, my new manicure might be pushing it a bit. But I did explain it’s for the holiday!

First St. Patrick's Day Manicure

This is two coats of Zoya Tracie (which takes a while to dry) topped with one coat of Hit Polish Blarney Stone. A bit sparkly for work, but it’s only for a couple of days. I have a really pretty dark green glitter polish I bought a few weeks ago especially for St. Patrick’s Day. And since my husband is taking me wine tasting on Monday (for my birthday!), I thought I would do a nice manicure Sunday morning for a St. Patrick’s Day/wine tasting celebration!

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