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Finished – Girl’s Maxi Dress

August 14, 2016

I finished my Granddaughter’s maxi dress! And this time, I even took a few pictures of the process to post.

First, let me say that the pattern was fairly easy to follow. It is a pdf that has instructions for how to cut out all of the basic parts and the pattern piece for the bodice. There are quite a few options to the pattern, and it’s all explained nicely. My favorite part is that I am able to print off just the size of the bodice pattern that I need at the time, and I can still print off others if I want to make a different size (for her little sister, or maybe another one next summer for my older granddaughter after she’s grown even taller).


My granddaughter wanted a “soft” material, but when I went to the closest fabric store they really didn’t have any of the types of material I wanted. That’s probably because it is more of a “crafts” store that has a bit of everything instead of one that specializes in fabric. But I did find the cut material shown above that was not as stiff as some of the other quilting fabrics I’ve been known to use.

The pattern had various ideas for the straps on the bodice, and I went with the double one using the bodice material for one set of straps, and the skirt material for the other. I was careful not to twist them and keep them both facing the same way.


Once I finished the bodice, I basically spent quite a bit of time (and thread!) gathering up first the ruffle and attaching that to the bottom of the skirt, and then gathering the skirt to attach to the bodice. In between I was a bit more careful with this one and used my serger to finish any of the open edges. I still left a lot of loose threads when I was done, but I cut *most* of those away!

Paytens maxi dress

This is the finished dress! I think overall it turned out really cute. And I think it looks even better on my granddaughter!

Payten in maxi dress

Of course I asked her to show the back of the dress for the bodice straps as well.


She’s such a cuite 🙂

And through most of my time sewing in my art room, my best buddy was there keeping me company.

Zeus in art room 8-2016

Now it’s off to work on her sister’s dress!

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