Mini Vacation

May 25, 2012

I’ve been away a bit on a mini vacation! Nothing big, just a few days in Laughlin. It was quite hot out, but that didn’t stop us from going to the Grapevine Canyon Trail. We didn’t have to hike that far in (but we did pass a lot of lizards that changed color depending on the sand). It was impressive seeing the petroglyphs. I didn’t bring my regular camera, but here is a picture I took from my cell phone (I was going to post more, but my phone is not sending them to my email).

Petroglyph in Grapevine Canyon Trail

We did also see a skunk on the river walk, but my husband was too busy texting to take a picture, and I was not going close enough to get a picture! Otherwise, there were a lot of bugs on the walk, but I decided not to post that picture (even though my husband had me take one. . . but that was after a few $1.25 margaritas!).

We are home now. I’ve made some progress on my knitting, but no sewing at all. I expect to get more done on both this extended weekend, with pictures of my progress 🙂

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