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Stone 18th Anniversary

August 19, 2014



The Stone 18th Anniversary Celebration was a lot of fun – as usual! We went early to The Lost Abbey for their free breakfast, and a pint of beer of course. Then we headed over to the celebration at the University of San Marcos campus. They changed things around just a little bit this year. Instead of having a long line, they let people into the front area where there is food and goodies to buy. So instead of waiting in line, we were able to pick out our new shirts, pay, and then wait around in a large group. The sun was hot (yes, I burned just a little), but once we were moving there was plenty of shade and a lot of water. The first place we went, along with a lot of other people, was over to the Russian River booth. We did that first before even taking the first picture below!


We went to quite a few new places, as well as some favorite ones. The next picture I took about half way through the event, some time after we had our onion rings.



We left just a little before it was over. Not much, but enough to miss the crowds leaving, and walked down to the sports bar across from the university. Of course my daughter and I had another beer for the road while we sat with my husband to be sure he could safely drive home. I know it’s quite a wait, but so worth it for the safe drive home!


All in all great fun was had by everyone. My daughter and I even stood in line to have our picture taken at the Stone picture booth, which we showed off our pretzel necklaces with Paydays (I did forget to take a picture of that myself).


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