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September 20, 2015


I don’t have much to update everyone with, but I wanted to do a quick update.

No new projects finished. I’m still almost done with the second set of boot toppers. I’ve started a new baby afghan. And later this week I’m going to buy yarn to do a KAL sweater. I will be posting on that as soon as I start!

I’ve been reading, but nothing overly noteworthy to report.

Mostly I’ve been working hard on an upcoming assessment visit at work, running (and falling epically!), and trying to see my granddaughters when I can. So even though I don’t have much on my accomplishments to post, I had to at least post a picture of my new granddaughter. Isn’t she previous ☺ And of course I love my older granddaughter just as much. Here is a selfie we took the other night. She’s so photogenic, and you can tell she’s saying “cheese”!


Oh, and I can’t forget that football season has started. I know I usually get a lot of knitting done during games, but we’ve been going out to watch games and celebrate the start of the season, but the knitting will come!

Much more to come!

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